I can't anymore. I'm done with Hopscotch


I'm quitting. Nobody looks at my forum posts. My hopscotch projects get 0% of likes. I got demoted to member on here. It's Stress, it's a mess. I cannot.
Bye Friends, especially @HopedHoper and @Maltese.
I will be moving on from regular coding too. I'm only 8 yrs old and everyone else can code WAY Better then me because there 10+ They get the meaning code so better
Than I do.
I know you'll say things Like "Believe in yourself, you can code like that just practice" But No. I've tried a million times.. Im not trying anymore. I'm done.


I know I haven't talked to you because I'm new, but please don't leave!


My coding is horrible, my forum post are trash. I'm quitting.


If that's what you want...
We'll miss yooooooooo...


I've seen your forum topics and they are awesome! The only reason I didn't post in them is because I keep running out of replies. Also, I'm sure your Hopscotch projects are great! What is your username? I'll check out your projects.


No you won't. Nobody cares about me.


My dad told me it takes 10 good things to get rid of a bad thing. Think about the good things, instead of the negative side. You're more likely to think about negative things than a good thing.

"You miss 100% of the shots you take if you don't shoot."


There are no good things that happens to me on the forum I have friends who have other friends and forgot about me.


Talk to them again. I have tons of friends who forgot about me in MC and like, I don't even play it anymore, HS is like way better, yet I still talk to them xD.


What no bruh popularity isn't the only thing


Exactly! @Cash is right. This isn't about popularity. I learned that myself. You can branch with others to get better, you can make friends just by saying, hey! Wanna be my friend?? And people would LOVE to accept your friend request! Try welcoming new people to the forum! That's a great way to get friends! Besides. You already have so many people that want to be your friends right HERE! Please consider this!


Oh make a general topic too! I met @XiaoMiaoMi and he has BTD5 interests like me, and I didn't even know that xD.



i now await my doom what am i doing aaaaaaaaa


Sorry :stuck_out_tongue: I pretty assume a boy if you like BTD5 :stuck_out_tongue:


Ehh, that's rather reasonable.

This is off-topic, but what do you think of the new Super Monkey game thing? I haven't played it, but I personally think it looks a lot different than BTD5/BTD in the game layout and such. Slightly worried over the game getting popular and bandwagoner fans, but that's probably not going to happen, with the very slow fan response to the game release.
The over-advertising didn't help, haha.


You have to bad at something before you can be good at it ~ @Montoya ( hope you don't mind me quoting you ) You shouldn't give up when you have just began you coding journey, you have to keep working towards your goal!


I don't care about popularity. I don't fit in. I keep on making topics.. And NOBODY EVER LOOKS OR REPLY.. I see a lot other people and there topics have 3.2k


Maybe just post more and get more involved! :smile:


I try that too. But still :confused:


My topics don't get many posts :blush:
The only reason I make topics is for questions, once I have the answer it doesn't matter!