I cannot find my mistake



Hi! I have made a project, and for some reason it isn't working. I tried checking everything that could conceivably create a problem. (Ooh, I'm intimidating. I used "conceivably". Now I only need to use "whence". (Hehe. I doubt anyone will get that.))

The first round attacks multiple times. The second round only attacks once.

This is the first round. It works perfectly.

This is the second round. It doesn't work perfectly.

This is the code in one of the abilities of the second round, with only one change from the one in the first round.


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From what I can see, this appears to be a battling kind of game and I've just skimmed through your code and it seems to be correct.

Can you tell me exactly what you had meant for to happen?


Oh. I'll edit that in.
Done! @PumpkinGirl


Thanks, it'll be a lot easier to see what could be wrong with your code. :sweat_smile:

@Petrichor, Is there any other pieces of text, or shapes, in the project that could be changing some of the values?


what do you want the second round to do? bc i think the wait block may be misplaced and you need a repeat block to make it do it several times


Actually, round == 3 for all of eternity at the moment. The wait block is in the same position as it is in round one.


@Petrichor. I'll go into it, and try to debug it.


What makes round 2 not work? What's the bug?