I can’t use open project twice!

I used the “Open Project” so that I could make the create tab in my duplicate of Hopscotch. But I already had my block for the explore tab so it could open the games. But if I click that, it then brings me to that project, and if I click any other open project blocks, it only teleports me to that project. Here’s the project-(Hopscotch #hopnet by bobinny :))


Next time, try and use a bug report template, but this is a very interesting glitch.


Ok, I’ll do that, because now it always goes to the create tab since I used open project


I think this is the issue:

Instead of opening a project when the plus is tapped, it’s when any part of your screen is tapped.

It is correctly put in #debug-my-code since it only occurs with this project and can’t be reproduced elsewhere


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