I can’t change the colour of a pen

I was trying to make a pen game where you can change the colour of a pen, but it didn’t work. I tried using the draw like a pen block, with when text 2 is pressed, set trail colour to blue, but it didn’t work. I also tried putting that piece of code out of the draw like a pen block, but it still didn’t work.


I think you have to store the color in variables like variable H 50 S 20 B 90 and then use the variables in the space where it says color in the draw like a pen


The “Set trail color to” block needs to be inside of the “draw a trail”-block that you use to draw the line on the screen with.

What you could do is that you could use variables. I think it will simplify this a lot.

Do something like this: (“Color” is a variable)

When text 2 is tapped:
Set “Color” to 1

And then, in the rule where you draw the trail on the screen, make the draw a trail block look something like this:

Draw a trail color (any color) Width (the width that you want)
if Color = 1:
Set trail color to (blue for example)
Set position to-block

Or, you can use the method that Cktennis5 suggested above. It works too and would be less laggy.


Like this u can use this code :slight_smile:

Also if u don’t know how to use HSB the google color picker has HSV codes (same thing as hsb hue saturation brightness) so you can pick a color in the color picker and then put the code into hs

Here is a helpful link


You can also see here for a list of HSB codes: nevermind, can’t find the topic. It was from 2015 so it might have been deleted…

And see here for some HSB color picker links:

Two old topics of mine, but they work :slight_smile: