I can’t believe i have 7 features!


I just got my seventh feature! SOAR it’s semi based off a gone on the App Store called rise up! Soar through the sky as a ballon trying to avoid the strangely sharp clouds! Collect speed boosts to maneuver faster!




Cool! Congratulations :slight_smile:


Congratulations to seven features! Just keep making those amazing projects and you will get even more Featured projects! :slight_smile:


Thnak you @William04GamerA and @WynterDiamond I’ll try to keep on hoppin till hoppscotch is no more



Anyway, great job




congratulations! That title is literally me btw


Give me some crit on soar


Um i would… but i dont know what that is


Whoa Congratulations! Getting featured for the first time is a huge feat, let alone 7! Keep doing what you’re doing!


Congratulations! That’s more than I ever had!
(Well then again I left 3 months ago)


I thought you had 8?


wow congratulations! youre a really good coder!


Thank you so much!!!