I Can Still Reply to Flagged Topics?


I was browsing the forum, and I notice that the famous drawing topic is closed. I check to see what went wrong, and sure enough, it is closed. But the replies are still there!
This happens sometimes, and I think it may be a glitch.
Can you guys check it out?



The replies are before it closed... It'll come back


Plus it's not a glitch :stuck_out_tongue:


Doesn't it come up with an error if you try to reply? You just need'ta reload


To answer your question: the replies prior to the closing stay there. If someone flagged the topic, but it's not closed, you can still reply


I think that she means that there were no flagged posts. Am I correct?


What do you mean?


I checked the whole topic for flags/flagged post(s) but found none, meaning that someone flagged the topic itself, I believe.


Hey, that's my post!
The Avada Kedavra post...


I flagged it once for off topic or spam (then lost my flags for 20 hours), but I don't think that closed it