I can see projects that are awaiting moderation?



Why can I see it? Maybe this is a glitch, maybe this is supposed to happen. I'm not sure!


That is unusual...

Maybe because it is a remix?


Yeah I see them too when I'm scrolling through newest.


What do you mean "awaiting moderation?"


It's with the subscriptions. If you publish a project with pictures, before it's verified OK by THT, there's a box on the project that says "Awaiting Moderation"! :D


This happend to me .-.


I think the "awaiting moderation" thing, is just a warning that it may be inappropriate. But anyone can view it anyway


Huh...it could be because it's a remix. Either way, it's a glitch.


How long does it take for THT to approve projects? Are they still reviewing projects right now? Or did they go home for the day?