I can make tags for you!



Since I am a regular, I can make tags for your topics, all regulars can do this and I thought it would be a good idea to make tags for other topics. If you want a tag for your topic and it is not there, you can ask me or tag me and tell me what you want your tag to be.
If you want a tag, put your name below



Can you make a Destined_Taco1 tag! I want the glory of having my own tag XD


In what topic? Any peculiar topic?


Tysm! @MYD! :333


Anyone else, also, am I allowed to do tag lists?


Not sure how this works! Make me a tag! In... The drawing topic.


Remember to only make tags people will actually use multiple times.


Kind of on topic, I just realized someone made a Dude73 tag! :laughing:

Whoever made this, thank you so much! I actually feel honored right now.


Could you make a BubblegumCupcakeMix tag? Or if that's too long could you make a Bcm tag?


The anonymous/f4l/f4lo tags have been used 84+ times




Can you make me one? Please?


All of u guys, what topic do u want it on?


I made you one, @BubblegumCupcakeMix ask @FluffyMice, she will do some also!!! I know she wanted to do some!


Wait, you did? I was looking and I didn't see it.


My SmileyAlyssa tag has been used 37 times. Not much, but still! Thanks @Stampys_fans for making it when I was still a member!! :smiley:


You have got to be kidding me


Wow! So cool! Can you make one for me? If I want one?


Can I have a Candycane tag on one of my topics please!!!!!!


I made that I think XD