I can make intros for hopscotch youtube channels


Ask here if you want me to make you an intro!
Lots of people are making logos, so I thought to make intros!
Tell me what your intro should be like and what music should play
here is an example:

Here is the form:
What color?
What name?
What music?
Other things?



Yes intro xD I'm in the logo service BaconStudio&Logos xD


do you want an intro?


Ya I do want one I might make a YouTube channel


What should it look like?




what music should play


Idk what kinds you have...


what songs do you like


Good ones xD
Just joking I like rap god...
Cold water
Some others ones


You make mine????yet


What color: red
What name: @KVJ is THE BEST
What music: Therory of everything
Other thinks:text that say @KVJ is kewl


are you actually going to use this?


Mine I well use xDDD


I can't use songs with swears


There's a clean version I think I thought there was anyway




Yeah I'll tag when I do


Don't you realize that these people will have to learn how to download the intro from YouTube? And that there is copyright for songs?


Please use the updated OMTL.