I can do logos for u!



Why hello my fellow Hopscotchers! I'm bored and have like 3 hours of free time soo yeah, I can make logos for you!


HS or HF name:
Colors (like the name):
Extras (icons, things etc.):

Here's an example:

Pls just give me something to do XD



Can you design a logo for my channel? It is nboss537

If you do, i will give you a shoutout in my next project. Please and thankyou in advance

Colors: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and black


Here you go @DiamondDragon! If you want me to change anything, just let me know! :wink:

Edit: please give credit!


Please fill out the form on top post! Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks!! I love it!
silently saves image.


Gee way to steal my idea...


You can choose the rest! Just make it related to my username!


Thank you!!!! u da bestest @Himynameismeredith1


Oh no!! I'm so sorry! D:


hi @Himynameismeredith1 how are u ^^^^


What app do u use?!?! Also can u do mine????


Here you go @DinoProductions! Best I could do, if you want me to change anything, let me know!


I use PicsArt and I'm working on yours right now! @ElegantAngelEmily


okieeee thank u tem fren!!!!!!!!!!!


Were you able to find the Album cover? I just wanted to know. @Himynameismeredith1


Yes! I did find it, if you me to change anything, let me know! :wink: @ElegantAngelEmily


If you could be my best friend, that would be great. ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! @Himynameismeredith1


Sure! I love making frens!

Hi.                                  Oo o oo o o o oo o o o o oorrrreo