I can design you a logo or user card!

  1. User card/background
  2. Something happy! I love pretty sunsets!
  3. Smiling Sunshine (my username) with Postive Vibes under it.


Requests will all be done soon!


Is this good? I went with summer themed!

If you want me to change anything I can!


Ermahgersh I love it :0

That should be my business card when I get older XD


Can't you make one for me as that would be unfair if you could only make it for that people !


That's the Official Mass Tag List. You can add your name by searching "Official Mass Tag List" in the search bar! :D

That's also just a way to inform people that there's a new topic! (Don't use it every time though!) Anyone can request for a logo/user card! :D


Ok ! Could he still ,ale one for me though ?


Just fill out the form in the first post, and Bluedog will get to it! c:


Any can request! That's just a mass tag list, to get more people here! Just fill out the form! I have some other ones to do first tho!


Ok ! I will on the morning !


Thanks! I don't think it's business card level tho LOL!




Theme : Summer
Things : User silverdolphin, logo dunno,

I will fill out the rest later !


I can change anything tomorrow if needed!


Can you make the text shade of purple thabks


Yep! I'll work on it today!


I just realized I forgot to put my name signature mark thing on @Sensei_Coder 's :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




@Murphy1 I didn't really know what to put but I can make you another one. Here's the one I made:


You could create me a logo if ur bored with something to do with being happy