I asked a question but I didn't get an answer


I emailed THT and asked a question but all I got was an email saying it was perfect to ask on the forum?

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Maybe ask someone who noes THT or a mod


Was it the automated email?


What do u mean?

When you nod ur head yes



Rereading it, I assume it's not the automated... If they said it was great to ask on the forum, what was the question? XD


I said
would like to say I love the new subscription thing
But there is one problem.You can't draw over a picture.
I was wondering that if we send the picture to the back ,we could draw over it.


That sounds like it could work




Have u tried it yet!!


That means if you want a quick answer, the best place to ask is on the forum.
You recieved the automated email, so that means your email went through!
THT should respond know 1-2 days. :D


Yeah I have tried it


I sent it on like Friday


Well now we wait and wait and wait


THT doesn't answer on weekends, so just wait a bit more, it can take up to a week to get a response :smiley:


Ok thx


It's probably the automated email


Set the invisibility of the picture to something like 50 or 10


What why?


Because then the trail color is more visible to your eyes. It is impossible to draw trails over any object in Hopscotch unless you use clones, which you run out of.


Yeah what @friendship2468 said
It hurts ur eyes a bit