I am very sorry for being a mean cash


I am going to be a good child from now on and I will not swear or say mean words. I am very sorry for being a bad cash.


Okay sounds good! :+1:🏼:+1:🏼


Guys guess what my elf came back from the North Pole and I saw him first my mom was so surprised he wasn't there before


:clap: :clap: :clap:


You're a nice cash! You're awesome!


You better @Liza sent me a email that someone flagged me now I'm scared if they are going to kick me out


My family doesn't even put up Christmas stuff until after Thanskgiving! :open_mouth::open_mouth:


They won't kick you out if you get a couple flags. I have a couple and they haven't kicked me out. Don't worry, you'll be fine. : D


One flag isn't gonna kick you out


Okay calm down don't want you to have stress


I'm not stressed at the moment.


Do you still want a pixel art tutorial


Yes of course BFF @Cash




It is an automatic email, meaning Liza didn't actually send it, it was a computer. You don't need to worry, everyone usually gets flags at least once!