I Am Very Sad... Can Someone Cheer Me Up


I Am Very Sad, And I Am Getting Sick Of Wanting To Use All Caps. It is ungrammatical, sorry. I will stop.
But I am very sad and I need someone to cheer me up.


You don't have to use all caps if you don't want to! D:

What happened? Are you alright?


I'm sad....
Do you want to know why


Yes, mainly so I know how I can help. :0


It's okay, there was a point in my life where I would use caps on every word. Trust me, it happens sometimes.
Also, why are you sad? DDD:


Jacob Sartorius has a vlog channel on YouTube and he deleted all his vlogs for no reason
And huggingfluffybear left I saw his topic :frowning:


It's all up to you!

I hope you get better, my advice (if it's something little) is to look past it, keep together.

For something huge, I'm not sure :(


And I wanna be something for Halloween but the costumes are expensive and some come without the parts


Oh, well... can't really help you with the JS thing, I don't really know much about that sorry D:

Yeah, I saw it too. D: But he made his decision, and if it makes him happier, then that's the way to go. Who knows, maybe he'll visit again someday! But don't be sad, we all can't be here forever.


He has asthma and bronchitis


I should go now...
Good night maltese thanks for being nice


Well, that is true, heck, I'm not even sure what I'm going to be for Halloween :V
I guess you could DIY some of the parts that don't come with the costume...


He does?? I never knew that! Did he say that on the forum? D:

Now I feel really bad for him D:

Well, all we can do is hope for him to feel better soon, and hopefully be healed and live a happier life.


I'm so sorry! Is there any way I can help?
I don't know anything about jacob sartorius sorryyyyy
And don't worry about the caps, it's fine :D


Think of why you are sad
Go from there and write them out
Then shred it


No @maltese Jacob Sartorius has asthma and bronchitis




I luv da doge


Please don't bee sad.... sends virtual hug :bee::bee::bee::bee::bee: do you get the pun? :3


I am the earliest bird on the fourm mwahahaha (:<
Anyways look at these: