I am turdle and this is my account



Helo evrywone I am turdle and I wil code gayms and stuf liek dat


Hai @Turdle, welkom 3 teh 5um :D


Hey @Turdle!

Welcome to the Forum!

If you ever need anything, type @Kitkat26 and I will try to help.

Just remember, all topics and posts have to be related to Hopscotch.


or @pixel I know a thing or to about coding but I would recommend a @SmilingSnowflakes I chose you! to help
(surry smiling also what happened to samillyalysa)


Tank al uv yoo nyce peepl


Are you sure you're new?


Hai turdddddle
I dun thenk your new :0000


Noe I'm noo


Yus I'm noo


but yoo aren't
Oi can recognize yoo


Are you PhaseAdmin? Just a guess :D


No I'm turdle


Oh welcome!
I just made a topic about flagging...

Maybe you should check it out?!


Hai turdle I am Koke


Well. Isn't that unfortunate that your trust level is locked and you will stay new until you admit your true identity? I, for a fact, already know who you are. Alternate accounts are not prohibited anymore.


@Over_powered_wizard6 @Over_powered_wizard7 @Over_powered_wizard1


Maybe @CreativeCoder will answer that for you.


She can see the IP's of users and see if they match other ones.


They once were? I didn't know that.


I didn't explain it clearly. XD

False alternate accounts claiming they are new are not allowed. Accounts just for fun are.