I am trying to start a Hopscotch club


Hi guys!!!!!! I'm SMO.... From Hopscotch. I was wondering if y'all would like to start a Hopscotch club. With joining my club you will get, a follow and 10 like of my choice(for complication reasons). I hope you will respond and we can start a club.
Thank You!!!!!!


I'd love to join. Just warning you, it's pretty hard. I started one and only two members joined. And then no one did any of my challenges. So then my club was extinct. You also need to make sure you let people in. I signed up for a club and never got a reply. @SMO


@Alliband hi of course you can join just make sure to notify me on hopscotch too so I can keep track. I'm sorry that they never responded to you and I will try very, very hard to respond to everyone.


Thanks. You are very kind.


I named a project called to SMO, to notify you.


@Alliband Thanks! I'll make sure I got it!


@Alliband I got it thanks!


Can I join?:yum::yum::yum: please.........


I can join too if you would like!


I'd love to be in a club! I am a10 on hopscotch and we could probably base this club on our interests! :blush: