I am thinking about quitting right now, or only using my secret account…


It seems like no one cares about my feelings, ignores my art and coding, and thinks it's bad!

I really am thinking about leaving right now!

StarryDream is offending me, she turned my topic into a flame war and nothing but 95% Off-Topicness, everyone rates my art and coding as a 5, and I consider 5 and below to be bad, or not good, and no one stays on-topic in my topics and they turn into a flame war!

And now I'm super sad!


Rules, even though I'm sure you won't follow them: Be on topic, no starting flame wars

Oh, and @AmiiboTrash, I flagged two posts. And I'm out of flags. :joy:

Thanks, everyone, you really cheered me up.


Is this the boy or girl?


That was the girl.



I don't expect you to open up another topic after a flame war.
I don't think that I stared it, BTW



We both started it. It's no one's fault, and just because people don't like her drawings doesn't mean that they are great. It's not 100% your fault, and it is not 100% my fault. It's both our faults. :slight_smile:
And the girl is a Dudet, not a dude. :wink:

The past is in the past!

  • Elsa, Frozen.
    Just forgettaboutit!


Hmm, is there another StarryDream?


No I was talking to @tankt2016


I don't get what you are saying.


I don't want you to leave but it is up to you :D
As the saying goes "Don't ask a question if you won't like the answer" :D


Ok, I still don't think I started any of it.


I don't want you to go, it's your choice tho and I'm not going to force you do do something.

Just because your art and coding if rated a 5 doesn't mean it's really bad! Everyone can improve!, quitting want improve your coding or art :wink:
Also in rounding you round higher when the number is 5 or above (in the ones)! So basically, that's awesome!

It's your choice tho ;-; @tankt2016


What about @Dude73 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And @tankt2016: LE COUGH. HI!


@Maltese please bring forth what I posted about how your art is not bad :wink:


Noooo!!! Don't leave! I like your projects. They are good. I left likes on them because I think they are great.

Your topics on the forum are good as well. I don't really know about them becoming flame wars , but that's not your fault. I stayed always on-topic...

I like you, and care about your feelings and such, pleeeasseee stayyy

ok, that was weird.


It's your choice I guess.

So bye I guess I can't stop you.


Le cough.
Forgetting your cyber Freund @KVJ?!


True dat! And sorry but @tankt2016 stays on my watch :wink:


Just let it g-(hesitates.) that song is 3 years old.

Just try to ignore them. worse case scenario flag bad posts and eventually they'll probably stop or get suspended.



I don't believe this kind of talk will solve anything. In the future, I would like to see some more "peaceful" talks.