I am taking shoutout requests!



I am taking shoutout requests and if you want a shoutout fill out the form below
One thing I forgot to mention in the form is to say what type of background you would like in the shoutout. Look through my accont on hopscotch, Smartypants! and look through the many backgrounds I made and choose which one you would like.
Fill this form in hopscotch and send me the link or just type in the answers on the forum.


To get the shoutout you must like 10 of my projects on Hopscotch as said in the form.


Bumping up this topic


Not taking requests because I am quitting Hopscotch


You on the forum 0_0 wow! I like your projects!!!


Thanks so much, @DMF!
I love your projects too!


Thanks!!! Thanks!!! Thanks!!! :blush:


Here is a like!:heart:


You're welcome!
I wish I wasn't so addicted to Hopscotch, then I would probably stay.