I Am Taking Profile Picture Request! :D



Hoi guys!

So I, like Valgo has done, have decided to take profile picture requests, using the app "assembly"!

I am happy to take anyones request, as long as its appropriate ;)

Here is an example:



Objects on it:
Main colours

Ask away! :D


I want one! Please


@sweetlina, i edited the form in!


Objects on it: Donuts or Blue jays or Stars
Main colors: Blue and Yellow
Theme: Nature?
Background: stripes or clouds
Form done.




Objects on it: sweet tea
Main colours: teal and light purple
Theme: southern
Background: chevron


I can help I now have the app​:grinning:


Wot? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Candycane look what I made on assembly


Objects on it: a heart
Main colours purple and the shades
Theme: sweet
Background sweets candy chocaltae