I am taking prof. Pic requests



I can take requests of profile pictures. I can do any actual though because it is kind of easy. If you plan on writing your request, please make it as detailed as possible. There will be consequences including a weird picture.



Surprise me!


Thx in advance



xD love it!


downloads picture


Yay! I'm glad you like it.



For some reason I can't upload it?

I'll do it when I get on a computer :D


Can you make one for me? You can surprise me if you want!


Can you be more specific?


Maybe you could make one for my user card backround?
-My favorite colors are green and purple
-I am always happy!
-my favorite animal is a frog
-I love anything and everything happy!
You can surprise me with what you come up with. :smile:


Can you make me one for my usercard? I like the one you made for crazy goat, can you make me something like that? You can draw a greenish blueish dog, like the one in my profile pic now! If you need more details, let me know!


I'll take one for my background! Well, some info:

  • We love colors, especially the rainbow (not "resin bow", silly auto-correct!)
    We like triceratops.

  • Our nickname is "TRICERA–STUDIOS". And make sure you hold the dash up and select the option farthest to the left for the thing in the middle.

  • We like Hopscotch a lot.


Surprise me! Do somthing you think will look good! I like cats just so you know...




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Hai @iMeow!! Could you do a pic like this? The one that I currently have is by @Malie, I don't have the iPad that has my drawing apps on, so could you add somethings to it? Surprise me!
Some things I like
-the quote, "Let It Go"
-The Flute

You don't have to do this, and if you do, take your time!
You are a great artist!
Keep it up!
:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:


That is amazing! Thank you so much! :clap::grinning:
(Check my user card)


Could I have one? Surprise me! :D


You know, a profile picture... Please?


ok... Suprise me, but...
I love mint (food and color)
I love cats
I obviously love marshmallows


Can you draw a person please!!
Dirty blonde hair
Hazel eyes
Light skin
Loves Kawaii
Can it include username?