I am taking Pixel Art Request!


I know I said I left but theforum is well,too addicting. I guess I will leave tomorrow!
Anyways, let me get to the point.
I am going to take pixel art request!
Note that:
• I will do them in random order.
•And I might not do some.
•It might take a long time

Just give me the picture of the pixel art and I'll do it. Search '(what you want) pixel art' at safari.
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Request (not in order):

@Gondor_is_lost :


Dino (sorry pic is in mai iPad which is charging)
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You should make this


Okay! I will do it soon,


No problem! If you need any help just @ me


Le anyone?


Try this!


I was working on this but it's too hard for me... Maybe you should do it!


Oh !! I made that aaaaaaaggggggggeeeeeessssss ago ! Here is the link:





Do a dinosaur :00000


Okay :3


Pls make dis




Thanks frenpai!


Is that super meat boy?


I don't know I just call it meat. Cube


Its from a video game called super meat boy.


Kewl I'll go check it out!