I am taking drawing requests


Taking requests.

Can anyone draw me on hopscotch or paper or any digital apps?

I noticed you have recently joined the hopscotch
forum but drawing requests isn't relevant to hopscotch
So I would post it on hopscotcher rather than the forum


Oh, ok


Hi @silverstream! I know @Lavendercupcake may feel like she is coming down really harsh on you but I think everyone on the forum is trying to stop over crowding or over usage take place on the forum. I really like your drawings so please don't feel down! I think it is the fact that the post may not help anyone else and is possibly irrelivant. I know that competition is strong with drawing requests on hopscotch but keep trying and do your best! :yum::cat:


It's okay, I think drawing requests on Hopscotch are fine since it's not like it's hurtful or anything like that, and it is still to do with Hopscotch. Like @Lavendercupcake and @ILoveSmudgey said, you could publish it on Hopscotch but there's nothing wrong with posting it here.

Have fun drawing! :smile:


Hi Silverstream!!!!! This is Graceful Icing! My forum name is just GracefulIcing1, though. Today we had our meeting!


Yes I know I missed it though.:pensive: but I made up for it I vote for Vice President! :blush: