I am taking drawing requests everyone! Pokemon requests now open!



Hi. I am taking drawing requests! I can draw shopkins, animals, MLPs, and people. You can request other stuff too though. I usually use imeow's art pad. If you don't like it, I can do it again. If you follow me, I might give you some likes or something. Anywho, GoobrGrlRye is my HS username too. You can look at myHS profile if u want. I don't really get requests that often, but I draw ALOT. I can do the requests on hopscotch or on paper if you wish. I have another topic called "I am taking drawing requests-GoobrGrlRye" Hey, @Gilbert189 can you put this on the drawing topic thing? Thanx. Just a sec, lemme put some examples of my art on here....

NEW: Pokemon requests are now open! Feel free to ask!


Awesome! You're art is very cool! I might request later, but right now I'm busy. You are an amazing artist! :smiley:


Can you draw meh OC, Cute Jeffie?



Maybe you could put the pictures in Dropboxes, because that could be spam. :slight_smile:


Could you make me a orange cat with green eyes.


Sure! What does he/she look like?


Of course! I will do it right now.


Very long black hair, done in twin-tails. Two hair clips
Greeny green eyes.
Rosy pink shirt with green stripes. Black skirt with rosy pink and green stripes. Black tights.


Okay! Sry I responded so late. These past two weeks have been so busy! But I have lots of time today because I am sick.. :thermometer_face::mask:






Draw what you think I look like
BTW I am a girl


Actually, Cute Jeffie is also my nickname!:wink:


Tada! Does it look like you?


Yes that actually does!



That looks awesome! Great job!