I am taking a long break. Bye



It's taken me a long time to realize this, but you guys don't need me here. I'm in sixth grade and I shouldn't be obsessed with the forum. I don't know why I am, hardly anyone talks to me, ever since OnceUponATime left. More and more people are joining, especially people who are famous on Hopscotch, and it's clear that there's no room left for me and some other people. Art is taking over Hopscotch and I haven't really been coding.

There are plenty of reasons why I don't need to stay here. I'm not leaving Hopscotch, but it has become clear to me that many people are reliant on others to be kind for them. Yesterday I broke down, and the most unlikely person was the only one who actually said anything nice to me. It has made me realize that a majority of you are depending on others to say nice things because you think they will. Don't pretend this isn't true, just pressing a button doesn't mean you care. When every interaction you have with another person is limited to a screen, all you can practically use is words. Only one person was kind enough to say something. One person. That triggered something else– which is the reason I'm writing this. You are absorbed in some sort of fantasy that you don't need to say anything, but really, you do. Your words count more than anything, and I lack confidence because of you guys. I hardly got any sleep this morning and I've been feeling terrible all day.

I should also mention that being on the forum has been interfering with my aspirations– I am a writer, not someone who is confined to communication through a computer screen. My whole life is based off ideas and music, that's what makes me who I am, and the forum hasn't been pushing them further. You've been tempting me to stray from a path that I believe is meant for me, and there is where I find happiness, not here, where you can pretend to care about me and other people who suffer from this. I'm tired of people calling me out. Someone practically copied my username today, and it's very obvious, but I'm letting it slide, because they are suffering from what I am too. No one deserves any of this, and I need to get rid of the stress that keeps straining me.

Before I officially leave in an hour, I want to thank SillyPolkaDot. They aren't on the forum, but they deserve a lift from someone. I'm giving that to them. Go check them out, they are super nice. Also, I'd like to thank another artist who is long gone, BadArtist (ironic), but inspires me to stay on Hopscotch. I don't really have any other people to mention, my only real friend, real, was OnceUponATime. She went to New Zealand, and I'm not going to see her for five months. I'm pretty sure that she's going somewhere else soon. Anyway– bye, if anyone sees this in the first place, my invisible hat is off to you. Cheers.

@FearlessPhoenix, @Ihasfluffycupcakes, @Maltese, @Kitty4U, @DECODECO, @WhiteFeathers, @StarryDream, @MiNi, @PIANOMAN, @treefrogstudios (it wasn't because of you, it was someone... else) @CandyflossClouds, @Jojo, @laser_eyed_puppy, @Explorer, @HappyPerson, and @William04GamerA– I didn't thank you guys, so thanks, what you said really made me feel better :)
I'm not going to be back after this, I just had to say thanks.

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Aww ;-;

I hope you come back!!


Not for a while, if I'm lucky.


Awww ;-; I'm sorry


It was fun having someone to talk to from my own state :)


Goodbye ;-;
You will be missed by many ;;-;;




your welcome ;-;
And I don't your an amazing hopscotch fourumer


Please don't leave for long


I'm seventh grade..... :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks .-.




okay? Um... okay? Cool?


Now I want to know .-.


It's really nothing ;-;


Oh. XD kind of.


lul ;-;


??? what?


Long story ;-;






you're such an inspirational forumer! But I understand. Bye! :c