I am staying for sure now



Should I leave Hopscotch yes or no


Why would you want to leave?


Everyone ignores me I feel like I am an ant I am being stepped on nobody ever did a big surprise for me like a collab surprise I wish someone did this


Same as as @AlohaHawaiiStudios ...why would you wanna leave?


Your awesome! Why would you say that?


If you work hard enough and make some Forum friends, maybe you'll feel better.:slight_smile:


I do make friends everyone ignores me once I say something even my BFF's


Everything comes when a little something happens.
Don't leave!!


It happened every time once I join a collab they stop talking


Meh. You don't know my life on this.

I know that one day you're star will come.


What do you mean by tha I don't understand


I'd prefer not to talk about it.

Let's just say that you should stay because one day everything will click and you will have a place and belong


You think so I will try by the way a person bullied me really bad


Same. We're like twins!

Lol. Just stay


It's really up to you whether or not you want to leave, but if you asked me, I'd say stay. You have some awesome drawings :slight_smile:


Show me a picture of an awesome drawing then please I want to see


Show me for prove then @MR.GAM3R


I don't want you to leave… ;-;


I like https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/ybf8d76pn, there are some other drawings that are cool, too


Why please tell me please @StarryDream