I am starting a collab account!



If anyone can come up with a name for it, great! If you what to join, your in.


Maybe I will join! It could be like Darklava collab or something


Sounds cool, if you decide you want to join feel free to tell me.


What would the collab be for?


I may want to join... here are a couple of suggestions --
- Lost Kiwi Studios
- Explorer Coders
- Volcanic Code Studios
- Lava Code Group
- Volcano Studio
- :volcano: Volcano Studio :volcano:


(Lost Kiwi was an old studio that I had on scratch... it just came to mind)


I reeeeeeaaallly want to join!


I will probably join as well... oh, by the way, @laser_eyed_puppy's player icon is really cool! Anyways, is your Hopscotch name the same as your forum name (mine is)? I will take a look at your projects and probably follow you or something like that.


What does player icon mean?


The little picture next to your name.


You can join, but I don't know how to tell you the password without anyone else seeing


I'm going to call it Lava Ash Studios


I am part of another collab (with laserpai) and we somehow made a secure forum, I think, so that only we could see it. I'm not sure about the whole thing, though, you could ask THT.


Can I join? :smiley: I'd really appreciate it. How about something like
-Mystical Island Studios-
-Ancient Myths (maybe if it was a story thing XD)-
-ScorchingLava.com/.co.uk (if your English, like me.)-
Can I join it? :slight_smile:


On HS, remix one of the projects belonging to the person who wants to join, then immediately unpublish it. Hope dis helps you!


You can join but I already have a name it


What is your hs name @laser_eyed_puppy




Did u get the password


Yess! Take it down quickly