I am speechless



Wow, guys. Just wow.

There are people being bullied now and anywhere else in the world. You name it, there's bullying, and I still see this.

Wow. Just wow. I understand some people don't like projects that aren't deserved to be liked, but this?! Wow. This deserves to be liked more than just a request with a girl hugging a turtle! -_-

I understand we're doing as good as we can here, but we really need to spread the message of anti-bullying onto the app. We need projects. We need art. We need everything we can possibly shove onto the app about anti-bullying or just cheering people up!!! Too many people have been sad about this! Who's with me?!?!

  • Yeah!

  • No.


In the future, I want to see less of that, and more of this.

Thanks for reading my speech. :smile:


Hopscotch/Forum Challenges!

I know you care but could you please get rid of the word stupid, I think some might find it offensive.


I think her art is beautiful, but the word stupid may seem offensive to fans of her :wink:


Beautiful and keep on doin it


The title is a bun.

- @Follow4LikesOfficial


And...who said no? Cuz this is a serious issue.
But as @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf and @OrangeScent1 said, don't use the word stupid because it may be offensive.


Type some good motivation:
That's counts @Follow4LikesOfficial.
"some good motivation"
- @Follow4LikesOfficial


Be a buddy and brighten someone's day! :smile:

-Someone, somewhere


wonderful speech!
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


One More Like. Get A Badge!


Just a message/reminder to everybody


ok now im getting off topic xD


I hope I helped you!

I really do


this is COOL


I removed stupid! :wink:


ok good, I totally agree that hopscotch should be more anti-bully.ing :wink:


What the...



@OrangeScent1 and @PercyJackson9, please don't get the topic flagged. This is an important issue! :neutral_face:


What did I do? Oh that? I was just expirementing, I quickly deleted it :wink:


I think her art is well drawn and has lots of detail. But I understand


Sorry I just figured it out and this a BIG probables on Hopscotch