I am sorry what so I have to pay


What link?


The link to join helpbot!


They are full not accepting members


I said that I don't think you can join.
I don't know anything about helpbot.


Oh, yes. I should reset my password for TheRealBlah.


What does that have to do with anything


@Cash please chillax, thanks.

1. Everyone, especially me, makes mistakes. The whole point is to learn so as to not repeat, and improve!
2. No need to keep using ":sob:" emojis. There's nothing to cry about on here. If you consider something mean, tell someone nicely that they're being mean and ask them to change it or rephrase! Be strong.

Hope this helps, and hope I don't sound mean as well :sweat_smile:


TheRealBlah is a regular!!??


....so?????!!!!?? Everyone is regular!!


What!?, oh never mind. Your gonna call me mean if I say this.


That's mean (((((((((. Say sorry


NO. I refuse. I have the right to refuse.


NO. I am not regular. Neither are you.


But I am! (On my other acc)


Regulars are Regulars :000

Newer users/less active users are not.


I was talking about cash.




I'm a regular person.....


Don't talk about me behind. Back


@Cash do you know @WitnessTheLitness in real life? Just wondering. I saw she invited you to the forum. :smile:

It's totally okay to be off topic sometimes. I'm off topic quite a bit, but I learn from it. You don't have to pay anything for being off topic- just remember to try to be related to Hopscotch in your posts (as said in our Community Guidelines) I'm so sorry if some people were being mean, but I think those people just like to enforce the rules. They're not being mean on purpose. :+1: If you really feel like they are hurting your feelings on purpose, then you're welcome to flag the post by tapping on the flag icon on a post.

@Cash what @Trendygirl means by "regular" is the Regular trust level (the requirements to get Regular shown on that website aren't the exact same as on here, although I'm not sure of the exact requirements). You can see more about trust levels here.