I am sorry what so I have to pay


I got off topic but I don't know how so what do I have to pay for being off topic


Not really.
I don't think your aloud to have your picture as your profile pic.
I don't know if that's you though.


You are hurting my feelings :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


I think you just have to say sorry, that's all. It happens :)


That's nicki minaj!!!!!!!!!!


You do not have to pay anything. It's okay, everyone is a little off topic sometimes, but just try to avoid from now on.


But I was not trying to be off topic on :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Oh I am? Sorry. I thought that was you. I'm don't know much of these people so...
I live under a rock.


I know you weren't, but people can be annoyed if you suddenly start talking about, say, your summer vacation when they are trying to make a collab account, and it's better to just not say things that aren't related. I know you weren't trying to. It's not your fault.


ALso, maybe change your profile pic. People might think it's you then report this.


No it was someone else hurting my feelings


I thought you were a computer




Fine, I'm only trying to help.


@HelpBot isn't a computer. HelpBot is an account with multiple staff members running it. I was using it a few minutes ago.


Cool what's the password for it can I join


This is'nt really related. I dunno what I should do.
Tell the authorities....?
Just watch and do nothing about whatsoever.

  • Do nothing.
  • Bleh.
  • Chose what YOU want, Piper.
  • Tell Liza.
  • I dunno.



No you are not part of the staff.


Can I join the staff


You need to be older and need to know how to code a HTML website, do you?