I am sorry pls don't forgive me


I'm sorry for being off topic wnd mean but it annoy sme when people change topics to lounge when they know I'm not a reg. Don't abuse your reg powers pls.
Don't forgive me for my wpology


Don't worry, it's not all your fault!


Yea, its not all ur fault, its not fair..,
Not to be mean, im sorry


I am sorry.

But now, you should know what it feals

That's not why I did it but rember when you did that to me making my topics lounge and topics I liked lounge?

I didn't try to abuse my power I tried to help end it.

One person out of the conversation could make a big difference

If another member was in there I would switch it to lounge!

It's not just you.

I just try to make everyone safe


Oh! ok. I get it now.
Some regs were being a little overpowering, right?
If you want to tell them they're getting a little annoying, just tag them like this:
@(name goes here)


I forgive you. Deal with it.

Also if it happens again just tag me anytime you want me to get it out of #lounge!