I am sorry, I just realized how mean I used to be


Hi guys, it's friendship here!

That could have been me right now.
But it isn't.
I broke the rules foolishly and abused the community guidelines.
And I feel extremely trashy and bad.
I feel HORRIBLE for the way I treated some of you.
You all deserve a solemn apology that I can't bring into words.
So I'm making a promise to you guys---
Next time I get more then five flags I'm a day (which has not happened recently)....
I'll donate my time to making complex projects whenever I have free time.
No social media.
No family.
No friends.
No forum.
Just coding.
Because I am DISAPPOINTED! I miss my old account and now I cannot get it back because of my foolishness. I have stopped communicating for a few months and so have my hs friends. We made a promise. And I feel like even though that was established, I feel like I need to make another promise.
People like THT and you guys have been so supportive lately and I appreciate it so much! But school has been taking away time and so has the forum. I love all of you and I don't regret a thing I did in the past month on this account. Other accounts, yes, I probably regret some rude things I have done. But I am proud of myself for being mature and happy with myself the way I am. I have made new friends and learned new things! This community is far too amazing for me to fit in.
Let me know what I can do to help.


How does this have six likes already




Wait your friendship (agian)?


Listen to me, please.
You may not have done the greatest things in the past, you are an amazing person I'm proud to call my friend.
Got that?


Yes and Liza knows so there no need to worry


Friend :smiley:


I made it 7 now.

Do not feel bad one bit!
Your a really amazing person! It's not the things in the past that define you, it's the things you do in the future that you will be remembered for.

And for people who will only think of you as rude and horrible, shame on them. Your amazing, be you :D
I'm really proud of you.


Because I recently got attacked for things I did in the past


Well, they need to learn that your amazing and shouldn't be defined by anything not good in the past.


Don't worry, what matters now is improvement!
Besides, you're a nice and reasonable person. :)


Ella says mad at me for reporting lightningstrike anonymous and her and I don't know if well ever be friends again


U were d third friend I made in HS.
I am proud to be ur friend and many are 2


Friendship, you are one of the kindest people ever. You have a special charm. Sure, sometimes you make mistakes, same as everyone. But what I love is how you sincerely apologize when you make mistakes and it's just so nice.

So Yeah. I could write like a million things. But you're so brave and strong to write this apologies, and I know you're a good person. You really are. Wait no, you're an AMAZING person.


i don't really know anything about that, or how to help you, I'm sorry.

But let's hope you guys can make up. If you think someone should be reported, report them. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Don't let anyone define you.


Wait wait wait... @Friendship2468?!?









Oh yes right excuse me I'm bad with names


It's actually Friendship4286