I Am Sorry For Too Much HP


Hello, fellow Hopscotchers!
As you know, I love Harry Potter and won't stop talking about it. I've decided, to keep people from being annoyed, I'll stop flaking about to so much.

I am sorry I'm posting too much Harry Potter things, and I'll stop talking about "inappropriate" stuff and stuff that happens in school.

I'll try and be more mature, and even if I act like a baby, just remember, I've always lived the community and will continue to.


We know you're trying to control it. Thank you for always trying your best. :wink:


Thanks. I'm sorry I got all fumed up and exploded on you.


Maximum likes: :heart:

It's alright. You're a huge part of the community. It wouldn't be the same without you. :wink:


Its okay @friendship2468 it means alot to this community that you care enough to do this, all i ask is while doing this dont loose who YOU are.


Okay, and while, doing this, don't lose who YOU are. :wink:


It's fine-I'm going to put this on auto-close (if I can manage it):slightly_smiling:


Thank you, poptart.


You guys can still post until tomorrow-the message came across and it should be closed, but I don't mind it staying open. If it gets off-hand I'll close it :wink:


Just a message I wanted to show the community, it's nothing much. :wink:


It's okay :wink:

I always do that when I want to talk about History or Transformice or somethinglike that


Ooh, I didn't know there was auto-close!



Wow auto close! Huh?


Anyways also (don't meen to sound rude ) but you yelled at me and it kinda hurt my feelings also! But it's okay!


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