I am SOO new here


Hello I am new so teach me stuff


Hello @Huggingfluffybear! What's up? How may I help you?


Anyways I can help manage if you want


Who is that person
I am new


are you sure you're new?
Making new accounts just to pretend you're new is against the rules....

If you actually are new (I guess) and I just thoroughly confused you.. Sorry :grimacing:


That is not me guys I was hacked!!! @Giraffedolphin26

This was a public account


You already have a topic like this :wink: Spam will be flagged!


Rember this was hacked.

This was my public account it got hacked.


Guys, this was a public forum account. Just because @Huggingfluffybear made the account doesn't mean he made all the posts.