I am so sorry 😢😢


Flame wars. Not what I want but I get so mad when people spam and are bias. I'm sorry but please hear me out, I don't want to be a bully but yeah. I actually am @LBGT.supporter please don't hate. I really think it is a cause worth fighting 4. Please don't treat my other account as bad as you treat me, this is partly my fault, the moderators, and yours, I got over 5 flags in 1 hour. I am sorry @LazyLizard but don't blame me. I am sorry @bluedogmc-official but don't end it for all of us, I ol know you didn't try to be mean. It was me causing drama. I'm sorry @Huggingfluffybear you did not deserve what I gave you. I think testing is cracking me, I have decided to be on less, not quit but not be on as much for 1-2 weeks. PARCC is stressing me out wich is making me be angry, frustrated and well mean. I repeat I AM SORRY


No! You are amazing, and I love that you support his cause. No one hates you for that. :smile:

Gives Internet hug


We forgive you. It takes bravery to say sorry like that. I'm very glad you did. I understand the stress, it's okay. I adore @LGBT.Coder, and I adore you! @PercyJackson9, you are a wonderful person. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I know there's been a little drama. I suggest calming down a little more, then posting! Also, I try to smile. Just try for me, k?

Once again, we forgive you!

:smiley: :smile: :smiley: :smile: :smiley:




It's okay! We're all humans that get stressed or frustrated from time to time! But next time stay positive and think about what you're about to say. And we don't hate you for this! You just made a mistake, but you apologized and made everything better again! As @SmileyAlyssa said it takes bravery to say these kind of stuff!!! It's nice to see you feeling better! :blush::blush::blush:


I understand how stressing PARCC is. I forgot to sleep, so I had a hard time and was super grumpy da whole morning. It's awesome that you support the cause, and you are awesome! Just like everyone :D


Me 2, once I stayed up till 2 yet hen git up and practiced


It's ok! Everyone makes mistakes!


It's OK0! Forgive and forget!


PARCC update:

I had 2 today
It was torture
I am scard to go to anywhere