I am so, so sorry. I have too




Why? ;-;


The forum is not what it used to be. It makes me so sad to see. Also, I'm a horrible (no offense) coder.


Why can't you come back when it's all over?
And don't say that, nobody's that bad..


I would, but Hopscotch just doesn't have the appeal it used to. Also, you are right nobody is a horrible coder. I'm just extremely inexperienced.


Also, welcome to the forum!


Well bye
I'll miss you ;-;


I bet your a pretty good coder. What is your username on hopscotch?


I'm not really new I'm just an alt account (I state that in my bio) but thanks anyways :D


Bye. Thanks...


You're welcome :slight_smile:


Oh. Sorry about that! :flushed:


Miss you too stranger. Live everyday as if it were your last. #lifelessons


It's ok XD


Yeah, I agree with Lapiz, nobody's bad. And yes, it may have changed (I literal just joined.) from time to time, but sometimes they are good changes. One of my favorite hopscotches are Vaporeon3 (they quit a VERY long time ago, though.) and they were from when your character was a hopscotch avatar, and when there was no drawing.
They were all about coding.
And if you look REALLY far down, they were (no offense,) TERRIBLE. You just have to work up to it.


It's EP125. I'm not that great of a coder


Lol that had nothing to relate to anything.


Bad grammar.
Very bad grammar.



oops sowwy for getting off-topic


I have been working up to it for almost a year, but still not a single good project has come from me. I'm not meant to be a coder.