I am selling my ideas for credit on the project



So I have so many idea and I can't code them all so this topic is for me to share them

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They should make a bacon wrapped taco! Or a taco with potatos as the shell


Sharing ideas is a good idea, but what do you mean by selling?


I think if you use his idea you have to give credit for them !


Oh ok.
But i'd always give credit to the person that gave me the idea anyways :D


That's generous cause some people don't


@Hermione like everyone said I'm selling for credit.

Anyone need any game ideas


I'll give Game,trail art,pixel,and anything else. I have a lot of idea all you do is ask!!
Simple just like 123

If I gave you a shout out then your my best friend

@FoodDelivery @CreationsOfaNoob @Hermione @CodePerfect @Dude73 @DMF @Dylan329 @DA-BEASTY


Make an interactive water bottle that you can tip and pours water without the subscription!!! (This was @BaconStudios idea I stole it from him... he can have it back).


First of all I'm giving ideas and second I CANT DO THAT I CANT CODE!!!!!
I'm calm


Lololol, I could do that... I would be rly boring though...


@DA-BEASTY are youbragging


Nup..... :wink::wink::wink::wink: !!. :grimacing: ......


-_- geee thx that just what I need it life....


Lolol, I gtg see ya laters! Hope u get good ideas to give, I'll delete mine so that u can give that idea


It's good @DA-BEASTY


Wow, thank you!

And awesome topic! :smile:


Ok !
Is that list a shoutout if it is hi and thx


Thank you so much for the shoutout!!


Thank you for everyone who voted I hope I can give great ideas