I am scared what if the forum hunts me down


This has made me scared of the whole internet now what if the forum hunts me down see this is why we all should use throwaway mails guys :sob::sob: what if liza's account gets hacked and the hacker finds our emails and emails all of us weird things and tracks us down and we get kidnapped im scared of the Internet @liza is your stuff secure :frowning:


Tbh I wouldn't worry about it too much. It's not very likely for someone to hack your email, and if they did or you received a fishy email just don't open any links. You'll be fine


How do you block emails


Don't worry bout it


Hello tans how is your life going


I think you go to settings


i use throw away email or else...
i would be spammed with emails saying


It's not a bad thing, you get emails from Hopscotchers when they do certain stuff, like tag you.
Btw you can't delete it :3


Just remember, never open suspicious emails. if you open links in any, they could control your computer and use it for anything, including sending the same email to more people!