I am REGULAR! Thank you!


Yay!! I am a regular!! Thank you THT!! Can someone tell me what my new things are that I can do?!?


Congrats! Now, you can see "lounge" category, make wiki, change topic's name and tags :wink:




Try making a wiki!

Make a post then click the :wrench: and then click make wiki.


Congratulations @CodePerfect! Welcome to the regular world!


Okay thanks!! I am super excited!!


Click this to go to the lounge! It's an exclusive place for regulars! Welcome to the wonderful world of regular!


Okay!! Thanks so much!! I have always wanted to be regular!!


Congrats, welcome to the club!
You can now enter the lounge as well! You can also edit titles.

An example of how to use your regular powers:
You see a project with a flame war in.
Change it to Lounge so that less people see it.
Change the title to something like: Bad topic- flame war in progress!