I am really sorry


I just want apologize, I did not mean to blow my top off earlier today. I just got mad, and took it out on you guys. I really feel bad. :crying_cat_face: I really want to apologize to @treefrogstudios, @CreativeCoder, and THT. I took it out on you guys and I feel terrible. I am going through some personal problems too...so that didn't help. Really I hope you all forgive me, I ruined my image on the forum. I really am not that mad about the new update anymore, and am kinda against the people who are, but I still think it's a little pricey. Again, I am sorry...



what since when did you take it out on me

It's really fine XD


wait what happened


@CrookedCat6519 said some rude things in another topic.:confused: Its alright now because they apologized.:slight_smile:

Also, it's best not to gossip.:wink:


It's fine to make a mistake every once in a while!


You guys are awesome, thanks!!!



We all forgive you.

But remover don't have too many outbursts like that.

You know how Taylor swift said that "band aids don't fix bullet holes" that's what it's like you can't smooth a piece of paper again smooth as it was before you crumpled it up.

That's sort of what it's like.
This time is fine just don't have another one
Everyone's not perfect


You're welcome :slight_smile:


It's just that projects with no effort at all were being featured, and neither of us were really happy about that.