Hi guys.

You may have heard, but if you haven't, I am currently on vacation.

Tomorrow my family and I will be heading out to ITALY. I will give you updates every now and then. MY LAST PROJECT WILL BE THE MOVIE OF MY EXPERIENCE BEFORE I QUIT HOPSCOTCH.



But why do you need to quit? XD


Why r y quitting?



You are an amazing Hopscotcher that makes wonderful projects, and with more experience, those projects could be just, WOW!!

But if you do quit, I understand your opinion.

cough @Candycane do you understand that last word cough :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well why are you quitting? I'm fine if you don't say though.


what last word @KVJ?


The one in capitals :open_mouth:


I'm confused now ;-;


This strange "VACATION"… what language is that?



I rlly must have a vacation some day, i have had too many holidays in my life o.O


I know right? But siriusly wot language is that?


I'm not too sure (!)


I think it might be the language called American by some, and English to others…



That is the Question :3


Why do you quit hopscotch?
Is it just on the vacation or is it forever?


The reason I am quitting is because the community is getting out of hand, and it will be forever @William04GamerA. Probably. I may come back eventually, under my original brand name, MOONWING.


I understand. I hope you come back.