I am on the forum


Hey! It's me BlockFace and I have finally joined the forum! I have only just joined the forum so I need your help! Please reply with some tips.


Do stuff like this



Welcome to the forum type @Huggingfluffybear to tag me it should show up like @Huggingfluffybear


Maybe try to be a bit more clear I don't understand what your trying to show him/her


He is my brother so I am just doing stuff because I'm bored


Compliment, help and give tips to others!


Welcome to the forum @BlockFaceORIGINAL!
This is a good topic to review-
And this one can teach you some forum tricks!-

I hope you enjoy the forum!
If you need help just type @smishsmash!


Also type

- optoion 1
- option 2
- option 3



Add one

# to make things


2 for a tiny smaller ect.


Thanks @smishsmash !



Haha maybe teach him in real life!


Your welcome @BlockFaceORIGINAL :D


Aslo, feel free to start your own topics and ask questions, but avoid role plays. You can also like topics and replies, but the amount of likes you get a day is limited.