I am officially retired


This is the last day of us having ipads at school and my dad threw my phone in the street and it got run over by a car so yeah. This is my last post. Bye. I hope you all have fun on here but more importantly, use the brains you have and put them into school and learn and find your true talent. Everyones got one. Well, bye bye forever. This is TACOCODE- signing out

Libbs GT. + ShamBam's friends hangout place.+ Will be quitting soon

Oh no that's horrible! I hope you can find a way to come back and visit us! We'll miss you!


Aww bye! I know you probably won't see this but I'll miss you with all my heart.


I don't think we are giving up iPads today though


Oh my gosh....oh my...
I need to get Potato over here to say bye, I'm emailing right now,


I know your dad. He obviously did it for a reason. Maybe you did something wrong?


Oh no! I hope we can see you sometime! Miss you!


Bye ;-; have fun IRL


Bye! See you next year!
oh, fren, i will miss u


I miss you with all my heart
I'm honored to be your friend
You have one of the greatest friends ever
It's something I never thought I'd say but


What I mean is, you WILL be missed. (Yes, by me) <—okay, maybe I do


I'll miss you so much! You have contributed a lot to this community and I'll miss you a lot. I hope that you will find a way to get on HS. If not, bye. I'll miss you.


Bye, @TACOCODE! You will be missed


Bye! I'm going to miss you!


Omg I thought your topic title said I am officially... nvm.


That's really sad. You have been great to talk to even if it's just about tacos. You were a great contribution to the Hopscotch community. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. Not like you will see this but have a great life.


@Dylan329 you go to tacos school right? Can you tell him I said hi I miss him:3


We still have iPads I go to his school


if I ever see/talk to him I will try to remember.

@Kosho. Oh the 8th grade lost theirs :frowning:


Oh I didn't know that why did they lose their iPads?