I am now taking requests on my new account!


Ok so I know I mention my new account a lot but the reason for that is because it get like barely any likes there is some really good stuff and if a famous Hopscotcher were to post them they would get like a million likes but the most I've gotten on a project Is 7....... Yeah 7 please respond and tell me if you are going to request/follow please the most requests I've had is 2 help me please
Thank You Hopscotch Family
PS: my new account is SkipStudios:yum:


To get likes, you need to code/draw frequently, and then you will start getting likes! :wink:


I do!!! Very frequently and hopscotchers don't really care so much for code on hopscotch anymore:cry:


There really is no way to get popular, unfortunately.
I just made an Illuminati project, and for no apparent reason, it got 225+ likes total.
My Impossible Quiz only got 10 likes, though I thought it would get on Featured or something. And no!
Even some of my memes were redrawn by other people, and THEY get on Trending!


Your not really helping but that's ok I'm not begging for likes I just want people to notice the REAL stuff on hopscotch


Sorry @Fifithefunnyflower but there's not really a way to force people to like your new account. Just try to be active, publish good games, and hope for the best. Did you know 7 likes is more than a lot of people on Hopscotch have ever gotten?


It was on Rising and Trending, and people liked it!! :smile:


I'm just saying that you have to be popular for your projects to be popular.
To be popular, that will be hard.


Your still not getting the point @MobCraft I want people to notice real code and not MagmaPOP everyone know him and he doesn't do anything BUT code I want people to notice there is more to Hopscotch than contests and clubs and groups and stuff like that!!!