I am not seawolfwerehorse


Rawrbear, I am not SeaWolfWereHorse, I am someone else. I do not have any idea why you guys think I am SeaWolfWereHorse. And, even if I was, does it really matter? All I want is a fresh start on this new account, and now I have already been asked who I am and why am I MEAN and stuff like that, and it hurts my feelings, so please stop. You seem to have no problem with flipthescript so I'd appreciate it if you left me alone.


I thought SeaWolfWereHorse was ip banned or is she not I'm confused


To be honest, I have no idea.


Am I allowed on this topic?


Why are you asking that question?


Hi @RomanBarbie! Where'd you get your username from? It is very interesting! :D


Because on the last topic you said this was none of my business, so I didnt think I was allowed on this one.


Roman Zolanski+Harajuku Barbie


Wait what you like nicki minaj


They said you were IP banned... but you're here, aren't you?

And @RomanBarbie, if you're not SWWH, why did you make a topic to tell people that you aren't? :stuck_out_tongue:

But okay. Didn't know you took that as offensive. You didn't even have to mention that you were an anonymous acc. I never had a problem w/ you.


Yes, I am a barb. Are you?


BAS messed up on the ip ban and put in the wrong one


Yes but I gotta do my homework I have a lot this week bye


I wanted to get my point across.


FlipTheScript acted quite kind and normal, which is acceptable. But to be honest, I think you were being aggressive to us Forumers.

I agree with @Rawrbear and @Razor, even though I'm not sure if you are SWWH or not.


StarryDream, I am NOT going to fight with you, because I know you want drama to start so you can get me suspended. I'm not falling for it. Please stop


It's not very nice to accuse them

And if it is, why does it matter?

Please explain to me why it matters


What did razor say lol


Thanks! :D Y'all are such great, kind people.


That's an awesome change of grammar. I can legitimately understand your tone of voice a lot clearly now. :o