I am new to the forum



I like stuff


Hi cousin! Welcome to the forum! If you ever need any help, just tag me like this "@EP125" Remember to always be kind, and only talk about Hopscotch related things! I hope you have a great time here!
I got first post!


Welcome to the forum! The forum is a place to learn and discuss things about hopscotch! Check out the community guidelines before going any further


If you ever need anything just tag me like this @Malie and I'd do my best to help!



Hai! welcome to this awesome community! If ya ever need me, or anyone, simply do @theusername. Like, if you want me then you can do @GLaDOS_On_Da_Forum! Have fun!



Also, tap here for some cool forum tricks!


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@Intellection74 I taught him how to do the big text and stuff, he is my cousin and is at my house at the moment




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It's fine, I'm not mad at all! :smiley:


WELCOME! You probs don't know me but tag me like "@KVJ" anytime! Your cousin is a friend of mine so hopefully you will be too :smiley: @Pooper127_Forum




Pooper is so big it makes me wanna gag


Welcome to the forum @Pooper127_Forum !


Ikr the name is a bit immature...




Yes. What she said. @Malie explains many things really well. Ha, the opposite of me.




Pooper127 is a little immature, but Liza said it is okay. I couldn't dream of my name being that, he is brave!