I am new to the forum! :D




Tag me to @AlixKatePink I am nice even @EmojisRUs says I'm nice she's nice too @PrincessBunny1


To hide something, use this! < and >


Wait how do you do that


Well me to the forum! If you ever need help, tag me by putting an @ then my username, like this: @CandyflossClouds, and I'll come and help you!


Hey, welcome to the forums, @AlixKatePink! Check out the Community guidelines here: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/community-guidelines/16?u=mr.gam3r


Also, you only have 10 replies on your first day, so use them wisely! Tap on the pencil icon to edit your posts if you want to answer questions but you've used your replies. Have fun :slight_smile:



What did you say @EmojisRUs


Welcome to the forum, @AlixKatePink! If you have any questions, feel free to tag me just like I tagged you, by typing "@BellaWafflez17".


Found u :3


Title change, you mind?

Welcome to da awesome community of da Forum!

We have lotsa chocolate here


Welcome @AlixKatePink!

Tag me anytime you want help! Just type "@KVJ"!


Welcome @AlixKatePink!

Tag me anytime you want help! Just type "@Hero_Dino"!

Sorry I'm too lazy to type :stuck_out_tongue: Elle XD
original template by @KVJ


M8 where it says "[quote="KVJ,..." change the username too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Le done!

It's fixed


Tap this text for a guide about the Hopscotch Forum!


ಠ_ಠ that's total plagiarism lol.

Give me credit jk :joy:


I forgot XD


Welcome to the Forum @AlixKatePink! This is a place to talk about the coding app Hopscotch. Hope you have a good time here! : D