I am new to the forum. Can someone help me?



Hello,I'm plinky (I love bunnys on hopscotch). I'm new.


Welcome!! Hope you have fun with the community!!


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r u a ghost from pac-man????


what do you need help with?
some tips and tricks:




and so on...

- option 1
- option 2


  • option 1
  • option 2


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I hope you have a great time in the forums!


◎The search button is to search questions and topics. A question you have might already be a topic so you could search for it.
◎The thing with the lines in a stack show the latest, unread, new and more. To get it to go way tap on something or tap/click it again.
◎When you tap/click your profile picture your some of your notifications, a logout button, a bookmark button, a settings icon, and your name show. Tapping your name goes to your profile, taping the settings button brings you to your settings, you can go straight to your notifications with tapping/clicking the veiw notifications, the bookmark icon goes to your bookmarks, and the logout button does what it says.
◎You can create a topic by tapiing the create a topic which will pop up a thing for you to create one. You can check out other topic by taping on the name.
◎The hearts on someone's reply/comment is a like button. You can also bookmark it or reply to it.
◎Taping/clicking Hopscotch kinda refreshes the page.
◎When you reply to something you can upload a picture, gif or video. You can also add emoji if your on a computer and other stuff.
◎A collab is short for collaboration (if you didn't know already) Its where you can make a project with other/fellow hopscotchers so you can join one or make your own.


Welcome to the forum! I'm pretty sure this is already covered, but I'll give you the shortened version :wink:

  1. Try to stay on the community guildlines
  2. Keep posts related to hopscotch
  3. Try to remember to search before you post
  4. Make posts that move the discussion along, not stop it in its tracks

This will have you using the forum like a pro! Welcome, again!


I'm sorry I can't take you seriously with that profile XD
Ok, The Forum is a place to ask questions and share ideas (with the occasional partayyyy)
You see that search bar in the top right corner? Simply tap that and search for a topic you may be interested in.
The topic you want does not exist?!?
Simply tap the Ask a Question button in the top of the forum topic selections, and say whatcha gotta say!
This is the mechanics of the forum, I'm not too good with explaining the details... But maybe one day! For now, simply go along your journey and find hidden features in the forum :wink:


You can like with the little heart under the post and the pencil meens you can edit it the flag meens to report and the other thing is to put It in your bookmarks! Welcome to the forum!


Here is a awesome post on how to use the forum! http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/how-to-use-the-forum/423


Welcome here are some of the basic rules of the forum http://forum.gethopscotch.com/guidelines <--- these are the community guide lines they will tell you what to do in some situations and basic fact on getting along with people on the forum also there are trust levels you can earn and about of likes flags and replies you can give so be careful you can also lose your trust level so post wisly! Congrats on joining the forum