I am new to here


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.




Welcome to the forum, @Not

Thank you to @William04GamerA for recommending my topic!!


Wait a second.

Three letters…

It’s xse.


The espresso machine has spoken:
This topic Is approved.

Welcome. Please read @Swati_Bang and @lollypopcorn’s topics.


heyy! welcome to the hopscotch forum! here, you can chat about coding or chat about other stuff! people mostly do the latter tho lol. here are types of people you’ll find on the forum because I have no life~

the newbie- hey, that’s you! most newbies make a lot of new topics for stuff, so here are some tips!
if you wanna post drawings, don’t make a new topic for it, click on this link please! that’s the official drawing topic on the forum.
also, to make a poll, click/tap the little gear icon on the top when you write a new post, and click/tap build poll.
the old person- these people usually joined when the forum was first created and will constantly reminisce about summer of 2016. they are usually pretty salty so although it’s good to ask them for help, it depends on the user…

the ghost- they either left a while ago or just don’t come online often. no one really knows anything about them, oof spooky

the regular regular- they’re usually pretty cool to chat with, nothing special really… I’m one of them lol

the… bully- they’re usually pretty rare, but unfortunately, they exist. they are often the reason a lot of topics close because of arguments. the most popular example is @xse, he thought that autistic humans aren’t people and argued a lot. now, we’ve kinda moved on I guess.

@JonnyGamer- this isn’t really a type of person, but jonny is basically the forum bug detective. if you want to glitch text and other cool things, go to his general topic!

that’s about it, I hope you enjoy your time on the forum! have fun!!


So apparently we got him


Who is this xse? I do not know this person


Xse is a conspiracy theory


Welcome to the forum! I’m kinda new too, but its good to see that more people have joined!:+1::+1::+1:


Hi I’m new too here too what do we do here, if you know


Omg it’s Xse! :scream:


Hi Jonny! I’m sur you know about the forum, you’ve been around since 2013 :joy:


Actually, Not is not me lol :joy:


Who is Jonny? Tell me more please.




Oh. Ok. So, Who exactly is xse?


a troll on the forum who believed that autistic humans aren’t people and insulted Jewish people yea


Wait… What? He insluted Jews??? Im a Jew!


yep pretty messed up stuff anyways he left and now people joke about it cause he made lots of new accounts and every time a new user joins people say it’s xse