I am new to forum



I'm new to this forum(sort of) and I wanted to know about levels. I read a similar topic and saw trust levels and all that. How do you get them? What do I have to do to get regular and all that? Please help!


Welcome to the forum!
Trust levels is how much discourse (what the forum was built on)
Trusts you. Your currently a member , and once you've used to forum more you will gradarate to regular (which is what I've got). You can touch the :mag::mag_right: glass next to the 3 grey/4 black lines which allow you to search for a topic if it's already created, So the forum won't get spammed!


How do I get regular? Also what's discourse?(Yes I'm stupid, although I'm smart)


As I mentioned, that's what the :mag::mag_right: is for.


Basically, trust levels are based on how long you have been on forum, how many likes you have recieved, given, how many posts/topics you have made and how many posts you have read. Kiwicute2016 made a topic called badge checkups (or something like that)?and there you can ask her to see what you need to do to become a regular :blush::blush::blush::thumbsup:🏻:lollipop::thumbsup:🏻


(this is a topic that might help and that I invited you to :wink:)


Ok thx. And Kiwicute2016 is a boy? I thought Kiwicute2016 was a girl


My bad. Lemme just edit my last post :sweat_smile:


Oh ok lol :joy: Thx for that


Oh @SparkyKat you now you pr hopscotch book topic, please can I be in it and how do I get involved? :blush::wink:


Just go to the topic and fill in the form :wink: the topic is Hopscotch book sign ups here! 13 spots left! I think


K I did it @SparkyKat


Here's a bit about what you need to get regular:

And this is stuff that's unlocked:




Hope you have fun!


heres another like :heart: @Huggingfluffybear


I got the dramatic music @Huggingfluffybear!


You are going to have to be on for 50 days at least!


Enter enter lots of topics ad read lots of posts