I AM NEW! HELLO HI i am new


Uh, what are flags?


No, @SoulessSepai. :D


No, she is talking to soulessenpai.




Nope! @SoulessSepai seems suspicous, not u :D


Ok! I just get mixed up easily...


That's ok! :D


They share ips.


So, it's @Sweetlina or her 'cousin' is at her house or close? :0


Flags are a way to keep the forum clean! :D

See the "..." on a post? Click that and you'll see a flag icon. If you click this, a screen will pop up:

If you see a post that is mean/inappropriate, off-topic, or spam, that flag it! To flag, click the option that the post would fit in.

The mods approve/disapprove flags, so they can disapprove flags that aren't needed! :D


Off-topic but what are IPs? Sorry if I am annoying..


@sweetlina, what's going on? Pretending your new can get you suspended.


Ok thank you very much!


They are like the addresses of your device, mods can see people's addresses!


Oh, ok! Thank you too!


So they are using the same device?


Yes, or at least they are using devices that are close to each other. :grinning:

I think... Lol, ask a mod!


Ok! Thank you again!


Guys it was my cousin

Sorry for that trouble

I told her mom what happened

Sorry again


Are you sure?